Timeline of Facts for Liberal Rick Perry


2 Comments on “Timeline of Facts for Liberal Rick Perry”

  1. Richard S. says:

    This is the problem with the Republican voter. They don’t believe a candidate’s past defines them. The Republican voter is more interested on smiles and meaningless soundbites. I know he prayed on public. As a true Christian it doesn’t mean anything to me. Why? – because of his past. His words in the present don’t reflect his actions in the past. You want to make a wise decision on which candidate to vote for? Then place 90% of your focus on their past. The Republican voters are largely political zombies because they are so easily swayed by a smile or a meaningless soundbite. It is not my intention yo be mean or insulting. I am saying this to challenge the voters to be more discerning and diligent in their look at the candidates.

  2. I, like many other voters, have not seen nor heard of the above “facts” so well consolidated
    to see the overall “picture” of the Governor. I personally want to thank the author for “showing” us, the public, what has transpired and what we can expect in the future if HE is elected.I’ll say right here and now,,,,,,,”I will NOT vote for him”.. I wonder, is he a DEMO plant? hmmmm!!!
    Thanks for opening my eyes to see the “unknown truth”

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